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2018 Quebec international peewee tournament

Team CEHA is made of players that are regulars at Canadian Elite Hockey Academy
We have been selected as the team that will represent Germany and thus will be known
as team Germany.
European countries are represented by one team per country,
thus it was a great honor to be chosen as team German.
The Quebec international peewee tournament has been running since 1960 with thousands
of future professional players having competed.
Names such as: Guy Lafleur, Wayne Gretzky, Ray Bourque,Mario Lemieux, Patrick Roy, Steven Stamkos ,
Connor McDavid are a few of the many famous alumni of this prestigious tournament.
It is unofficially the world peewee hockey championships, with up to 20,000 fans watching single games.

Team CEHA was the
youngest team in the tournament with 3-2007, and 2-2006 born players.
The team plays a high tempo, skilled style of hockey, with an emphasis on  creativity and individual skill, played within
a team concept.
CEHA plans to annualy  send a team to represent Germany. Next season, 2019 will feature 2006-2007
born players.
Team CEHA-Germany finished with the following results at the 59th edition:

Feb 8 CEHA 2- Beauport 3,

Official Tournament game

Feb 9 CEHA 2- Boston Junior Bruins 2,
Official Exhibition game

Feb 10 CEHA 3- Campus/DPR Noroits 2,
Official Exhibition game

Feb 11 CEHA 6- Acadie Bathurst Titans 2
Official Tournament sudden death playoff game

Feb 13 CEHA 0 -Washington Capitals 5
Official Exhibition game

Feb 14 CEHA 2- Detroit Little Cae
sars 1
Official Exhibition game

Feb 15 CEHA 0- Lachenaie (Montreal ) 1
Official Tournament sudden death playoff game

Team CEHA schedule 2018

Official team CEHA-Germany scoring statistics 2018

Tournament official website

CEHA roster 2018

2 Ben Holden                 2005
6 Hanna Hoppe            
7 Maximius Ristok         
8 Ryan Odude               2005
9 Dustin Willhöft          
11 Jeff Franzen              2008

12 Iven Tölg                  2005
14 Kevin Bicker              2005
19 Tobin Brandt             2007
20 Nico Wiens             
 2005 Goalie
29 Kuca Kinzel                2005
30 Ole Mater                  2005 Goalie
31 Konstantin Redinger  
47 Alex Rudkovski          2005
71 David Mikhalevich      2007

76 P.K. Geissler              2005
77 Connor Janus            
95 Ryan Franz                2005
97 Noah Garthe             


Marc Garthe
Cory Holden

Georg Geissler

Diana Tölg
Jura Mikhalevich
Ayla Garthe

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